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Study Away

By studying away you'll acquire skills that will enhance your resume, better prepare you for the future, and complete your experiential learning requirement. You’ll also gain a lifetime of memories as you embrace the diverse opportunities offered in FACS.


Domestic study tours are in-depth focused learning experiences arranged by faculty and departments. They vary in length from one week to several weeks.



Program Director

New York

A week exploring the fashion and interior design industries in NYC

Maymester 2024              

Suraj Sharma

Kim Rich Meister


FACS is a leader in offering a variety of international excursions during Maymester and summer which combine cultural and classroom experiences.

Destination Term Program Director

Cape Town, South Africa 

Maymester 2024 

Mary Bell Carlson

London Thru Session  2024 Margaret Caughy
Peru  Maymester 2024

Greg Vessels

Katalin Medvedev

Switzerland, Germany & Austria Maymester 2025

Jamie Cooper

Chad Paton


Maymester 2024

Effie Antonoudi

Accra, Ghana

Thru Session 2024

Alex Anderson

Cortona, Italy Fall 2024 Katalin Medvedev
South Korea and Japan Maymester 2024 Hea Jin Park

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  2. Apply
  3. Explore financial options
  4. Attend orientations

Study awards are available

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  1. Program Fee - typically covers lodging, group meals, planned activities (city tours, cultural attractions) and supplemental study abroad insurance
  2. UGA tuition
  3. International airfare
  4. Incidentals (souvenirs, some meals, activities, etc.)


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